DAY ONE | Tuesday 3 December 2019

08:50 Safety Briefing

09:00 Welcome to Country

09:10 ARA Welcome
Danny Broad, CEO, Australasian Railway Association (ARA)

09:20 MINISTERIAL KEYNOTE|: NSW Transport Outlook

09:40 INDUSTRY PANEL | Delivering Innovation in Industry Partnerships: Sydney Metro and North West Rail Link

  • Peter Hynd, Acting Project Director, Northwest, Sydney Metro
  • David Jackson, Project Director, CPB Contractors
  • Ron Azzi, General Manager, Engineering & Integration, John Holland
  • Deva Mylvaganam, Executive General Manager – Special Projects, UGL
  • Steve Herman, CEO, Northwest Rapid Transit

10:20 Morning Refreshments and Networking in the Exhibition Halls

Making Cities Liveable

11:00 Innovation in Integrated Transport
Jean-Pierre Farandou, Chairman and CEO, Keolis


Cross River Rail
Graeme Newton, CEO, Cross River Rail Delivery Authority

Melbourne Metro
Linda Cantan, Package Director, Tunnel and Stations, Rail Projects Victoria

NZ | City Rail Link
Dr Sean Sweeney, CEO, City Rail Link Ltd

12:10 2019 Young Rail Professionals Pitching Competition

Facilitator: Owen Plagens, Downer, 2018 Pitching Competition Winner

Industry judges:
Howard Collins OBE, Chief Executive, Sydney Trains
Anna Squire, Australasia Rail Business Leader, Arup
Caryn Anderson, Executive General Manager, Port Growth and Planning, Port of Melbourne
Steve Butcher, Executive General Manager, Rail Business Group, John Holland

Jonathan Chan, Permanent Way Engineer, WSP | #MakeARailDifference
Chuchao Liu, PhD Candidate, Rail Manufacturing CRC & Centre for Geomechanics and Railway Engineering | A Sound-Based AI Track-Inspection System
Charlotte Moss, Project Engineer | Innovation has no Barriers…Or Does it?
Nick Sargeant, Production Analyst, Rail Logistics & Optimisation, Rio Tinto | Reducing Rail Communication Errors using Artificial Intelligence
Kate Selvaratnam, Strategic Consultant, Jacobs | Personalised Disruption Communications via a Mobile Application

13:00 Lunch and Networking in the Exhibition Halls


13:50 Technical speakers meeting – ALL STREAMS

  • RTSA Stream
    Rail Infrastructure

    13:55 Opening remarks from the Chair
    Bill Laidlaw, Rail Engineering Consultant

    14:00 New Methods of Assessing Stray Current Interference using Simulation Software
    Rodney Urban, Technical Director – Power, Beca

    14:30 An Electrical Performance Comparison of 1500V DC and 2x25kV AC Traction Power Systems
    Dr Stephen Goh, Technical Director – Traction Power, EMC, E&B, and Caroline Phillips, Director – Clients and Markets, Middleton Group

    15:00 Rail Tunnel Cross Passage Spacing: Is There Any Room to Move?
    Bruce Kelly, Principal Fire Safety Engineer, WSP Australia

  • RTAA Stream
    Rail Asset Maintenance Developments

    13:55 Opening remarks from the Chair

    14:00 Simulated Anneling to Optimise Track Maintenance Scheduling in Railroad Operations
    Plinio Vilela, Consultant, CFlex MPC

    14:30 Leveraging Machine Learning & Bayesian Analysis: Designing New-age Asset Condition Assessments
    Nicola Belcher, Director, Asset Management, Public Transport Victoria (PTV)
    Julian Watts, Director, Engineering & Asset Management Advisory, Management Consulting, KPMG

    15:00 Adopting Building Information Modeling – Asset Management (BIM-AM) to Enhance Railway Safety in Hong Kong
    CF Chau, Assistant Director – Railways, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Government of HKSAR

  • IRSE Stream

    13:55 Opening remarks from the Chair
    Trevor Moore, Senior Signal Engineer, JMDR

    14:00 Digital Train Control and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    David Milburn, Global Director – Digital Train Control, GHD and Bruce Parrey, Electrical and Electronic Engineer, GHD

    14:30 The Invisible Glue That Cements Digital Systems Success
    Nigel Fenn, Director Project and Programme Management, Network Rail Consulting, Australia and New Zealand

    15:00 Taking over from Thameslink: The Factors that will determine how Australia can lead the automation race
    Georgina Hartwell, Associate Rail Systems Engineer, WSP

  • Rail Suppliers Stream

    13:55 Opening remarks from the Chair

    14:00 Integrated Strategic Planning: How do we Take Advantage of a Golden Age in Rail Infrastructure Investment to Deliver on the Future of Mobility?
    Ben Tonges, Partner | Strategy – Growth & Transformation, Deloitte

    14:30 Passenger experience, future of mobility trends
    Anne Bigand, Director of Passenger Experience, Alstom

    15:00 The Challenges of Delivering a High Speed Line
    Simon-Pierre Trezeguet, Area Director – APA, ENGIE Ineo Rail

  • ONRSR Stream

    13:55 Opening remarks from the Chair

    Sue McCarrey, Chief Executive, Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator

    Peter Doggett, Chief Operating Officer, Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator

    Julie Bullas, Executive Director, Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator

15:30    Afternoon tea served within the exhibition

  • RTSA Stream
    Rolling Stock and Maintenance

    15:55 Opening remarks from the Chair
    Barry Lovat, Rail Engineering Consultant

    16:00 Best Practices for Rolling Stock Mid-life Overhaul
    Flavien Berthold, Product Manager, ABB

    16:30 Understanding the Impact of High Traction Hybrid Locomotive Designs on Heavy Haul Train Performance
    Prof Maksym Spiryagin, Deputy Director of the Centre for Railway Engineering and Dr Qing Wu, Research Fellow, Centre for Railway Engineering, CQUniversity

    17:00 Tackling Predictive Maintenance: A Project Management Perspective
    Louisa de Vries, Program Manager and Bertha Wai, Asset Strategy Analyst, Downer Group

  • RTAA Stream
    Track Construction and Operation

    15:55 Opening remarks from the Chair

    16:00 Viaduct Track Construction
    Jarod Wakefield, Senior Project Engineer – Rail Projects NSW, John Holland

    16:30 Operational Limits Driving 42t axle loads on Heavy Haul Turnouts
    Uwe Ossberger, R&D Engineer, voestalpine VAE GmbH and An-Thieng, Rail Superintendent, Fortescue Metals Group

    17:00 Challenging ARTC’s Current Network Offering for Over Size and Unique Loads
    Richard Potts, Manager Procedures Development, Corporate Services & Safety, ARTC

  • IRSE Stream

    15:55 Opening remarks from the Chair
    Phil Baker, Head of Testing and Commissioning, Infrastructure Nation

    16:00 New ETCS Level 1 architecture
    Peter Laumen, Research Associate, RWTH Aachen University

    16:30 From impossible to possible: innovations that make the Digital Systems project deliverable
    Bill Palazzi, Director, palazzirail

    17:00 Real Time Passenger Demand Based Traffic Regulation for CBTC
    Olivier Leveque, Technical Business Development Director, Alstom

  • Rail Suppliers Stream

    15:55 Opening remarks from the Chair

    16:00 Sustainability in mega infrastructure projects, an aspirational fad or a steady state deliverable? Traditional challenges, fresh approach and early successes on the Inland Rail Program
    Georgia Gosse, Sustainability Manager and Ilan Sagi, Head of Engineering and Value Creation, ARTC Inland Rail

    16:30 Planning for operational readiness
    Charlotte Stanfield, Technical Director – Transport and Transport Infrastructure, Calibre

    17:00 TasRail Transforms its Operation by Using Algorithms to Develop its Master Service Designs
    George Bradley, Chief Operating Officer, Biarri Rail and James Macartney, Commercial & Business Planning Manager, TasRail

  • ONRSR Stream

    15:55 Opening remarks from the Chair

    Simon Foster, Executive Director, Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator

    16:30 TBC

    17:00 TBC

17:30 Closing remarks from the Chair

DAY TWO | Wednesday 4 December 2019

08:50 Safety Briefing

09:00 ARA Welcome
Danny Broad, CEO, Australasian Railway Association (ARA)

Connecting our Regions

09:05 Inland Rail
Richard Wankmuller, CEO, Inland Rail

09:30 A Fast Rail Future for NSW

10:00 KEYNOTE |The Future of High-Speed Rail
Masafuni Shukuri, Chairman, International High-Speed Rail Association

10:30 Morning Refreshments and Networking in the Exhibition Halls

Supporting Employment

11:10 INDUSTRY PANEL | Training Initiatives to Address Immediate Challenges

  • Ensuring industry has the skills needed for project delivery and growth
  • Empowering your workforce

Rick Naylor, Director, Rail Technology Campus, Sydney Trains
Claire Parry, Managing Director, Infrastructure Skills Advisory
More panellists to be announced

11:50 INDUSTRY PANEL | Planning for Future Workforce Trends

  • Strategic workforce planning for the future
  • Automation and AI
  • The importance of creating a talent pipeline for the organisation through reskilling

Alison Pennington, Economist, Centre for Future Work, Australia Institute
More panellists to be announced

12:30 ARA Future Leaders

13:00 Lunch and Networking in the Exhibition Halls


13:50 Technical speakers meeting – ALL STREAMS

  • RTSA Stream
    Regional Rail

    13:55 Opening remarks from the Chair
    John Watsford, Rail Engineering Consultant

    14:00 Embracing Drone Surveying Technology to Deliver Projects in Regional New South Wales
    Jorge Martin Gistau, Project Manager, Transport for NSW and Nicholas Smith, CEO, Airsight Australia

    14:30 Introducing the Regional Rail Project
    Guy Collishaw, Project Director, Transport for NSW and Philip Pearce, Technical Director, Momentum Trains

    15:00 Speeding up NSW Main West Transit Times
    Prof Philip Laird, Associate Professor, University of Wollongong and Max Mitchell

  • RTAA Stream
    Turnouts and Safety

    13:55 Opening remarks from the Chair

    14:00 The Development of Manganese Steel Laser Additive Welding as a Means of Special Trackwork Repair
    Paul Lindemulder, Director, R&D and New Product Development, Holland L.P.

    14:30 Progress in Non-Destructive Testing of Manganese Steel Crossings
    Jonathan Barnes, Senior Wheel & Rail Engineer, Track and Maintenance, Sydney Trains

    15:00 Worksite Protection in an Urban Rail Environment: Are the Humans in the System Beyond Capacity to Manage the Safety Risk?
    Craig Fletcher, Director, Ergonomie Australia and Bruce Butt, Manager Network Rules, Sydney Trains

  • IRSE Stream

    13:55 Opening remarks from the Chair
    Brian Luber, Business Development Manager, Downer Group

    14:00 Digital: The Great Divide in Rail
    John Gude, Senior Principal Engineer – Rail and Digital Engineering, WSP

    14:30 Increasing Capacity & Efficiency of the Main West Corridor
    Tim Halloran, Signal Maintenance Engineer, John Holland

    15:00 Interface Management, Responsibility of Systems Engineers or Project Managers in Multi-disciplinary Rail Infrastructure Projects?
    Dr Hadi Sanei, Global Technology Director – Systems Engineering, Jacobs

  • Rail Suppliers Stream

    13:55 Opening remarks from the Chair

    14:00 Digital Engineering: Beyond the Curve – Rail Design Reimagined
    Devon Middleditch, Director Digital Transformation ANZ, AECOM

    14:30 Can I Trust Machine Learning Analytics? Downer’s Approach to Predictive Maintenance
    Jacky Chen, Data Scientist, and Himanshu Jindal, Maintenance Strategy Engineer, Downer

    15:00 Taking Advantage of the Digital Opportunity: How to Guarantee Profitable Investments in Digital Railways
    Alvaro Jose Zevallos Roman, Chief Business Development Officer, NEM SOLUTIONS

15:30 Afternoon tea served within the exhibition

  • RTSA Stream
    Regional Rail

    15:55 Opening remarks from the Chair
    Maneesh Gupta, Technical Director and Team Leader – Rail, AECOM

    16:00 ABB Onboard Energy Storage System as an Upgrade Solution for DMUs and Catenary-Free Tram Operation
    Ali Parvizi, National Marketing & Sales, Traction, ABB Australia

    16:30 How New Technologies can Improve the Melbourne Tram Network
    David Anderson, Senior Project Manager Rolling Stock, Department of Transport (Victoria)
    Alain Croset, Principal Consultant, Transport – Asia Pacific, SNC-Lavalin

    17:00 Greener and Smarter LRT: Looking back at the Dijon Project
    Salvatore Sinapi, VP Transport – International, Engie Ineo

  • RTAA Stream
    Rail Head Management

    15:55 Opening remarks from the Chair

    16:00 Strategic Rail Reprofiling for Squat Mitigation
    Richard Stock, Milling Technology Manager, LINMAG

    16:30 Wayside Top of Rail Friction Control: An Embedded Track Solution in a High Density Tram Network
    Matthew Kwong, Engineer, Track, Yarra Trams (Keolis Downer)
    Tony Makowsky, Regional Manager – Australasia Field Service and Customer Support, LB Foster Rail Technologies

    17:00 Advancements in Squats Management: A Queensland Rail Experience
    Carlos Valente, Rail Asset Integrity Leader, Queensland Rail

  • IRSE Stream

    15:55 Opening remarks from the Chair
    Georgina Hartwell, Associate Rail Systems Engineer, WSP

    16:00 BIM enhanced Metro Operations reduce rail operations’ risks, OPEX and CAPEX
    Christopher Whiteside, Head of Digital Services, Siemens

    16:30 Considerations for cybersecurity in the digital railways of today
    David Soldani, Chief Technology Officer, Huawei

    17:00 Improvements in Modelling Electromagnetic Interference between Power and Signalling Systems
    Daniel Yuen, Associate – Power Systems Engineer, Beca

  • Rail Suppliers Stream

    15:55 Opening remarks from the Chair

    16:00 More than just Technology: How the Digital Systems Program will Drive a Digital Revolution for Sydney’s Rail Network
    Stephen Lemon, Program Director Digital Systems, Transport for NSW and Warwick Talbot, Chief Transformation Officer, Sydney Trains

    16:30 Using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to Automate Corridor Inspections and Predict Rail Maintenance
    Nicholas Smith, CEO, Corridor Insights

    17:00 Practical Applications of Artificial intelligence in Delivering Rail Services
    Cameron Collie, Global Industry Expert – Rail, Dassault Systems

17:30 Closing remarks from the Chair

DAY THREE | Thursday 5 December 2019

08:50 Safety Briefing

09:00 ARA Chairman’s Address
Bob Herbert AM, Chair, Australasian Railway Association

09:20 GOVERNMENT PANEL | Developing Australia’s Rail Needs

9:50 Young Leaders Advisory Board (Y-LAB) Update

10:05 Customer Case Study | The Benefits of Digital Transformation for Rail Freight
Sascha Fey, Project Leader, Digital Transformation, Deutsche Bahn

10:40 Morning Refreshments and Networking in the Exhibition Halls

11:20 INDUSTRY PANEL | Working with Customers to Make Rail More Competitive
Brendan Bourke, CEO, Port of Melbourne
Jodie Winnett, Head of Commercial & Regulatory, Arc Infrastructure
Peter Keyte, Chief Operating Officer, Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd
More panellists to be announced

12:10 INDUSTRY PANEL | Investment: What’s needed for continue to fund rail infrastructure for the future?

  • Getting best value and returns on the current ‘once-a-generation’ investment levels
  • What’s needed for rail to deliver better infrastructure for the future?
  • The role of customer stewardship and social licence

Emma Thomas, Partner, Infrastructure and Urban Renewal, PwC
Marion Terrill, Transport and Cities Program Director, Grattan Institute
Garry Bowditch, Co-Founder & Chair, Customer Stewardship Australia
More panellists to be announced

12:50 Lunch and Networking in the Exhibition Halls


14:20 KEYNOTE | Rail’s Role in Keeping the Economy on Track: Update on how Technology Fuels the American Rail Network
Ian Jefferies, President & CEO, Association of American Railroads (AAR) (subject to final confirmation)

15:05 Charting Rail’s Course Towards a Zero-Emission Future
Adam Williams, General Manager Rolling Stock Asset Services, KiwiRail

3:40 INDUSTRY PANEL| Digital and Communication Technology for the Future

  • Smart Rail Route Map
  • Working with industry to transform data collection and traceability

Prof Doug Creighton, Deputy Director, Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI)
Bonnie Ryan, Senior Manager – Freight, Logistics & Industrial Sectors, GS1 Australia
Stephen Baker, Head Product Innovation, Siemens

4:20 Close of AusRAIL PLUS 2019