The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) welcomes Infrastructure Australia’s (IA) Making Reform Happen Report released today, which seeks Commonwealth Government support to implement an incentive based approach to infrastructure reform.

“An incentive based approach to infrastructure reform is a top priority for the ARA as a way of driving productivity and efficiency gains in rail freight sector,” said Danny Broad, CEO, ARA.

“ARA identified it as the top policy issue in our submission on the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy Inquiry Report.

“Providing incentives to jurisdictions to deliver on reforms is an important step towards ensuring there is meaningful change at the state and territory level with regard to initiatives outlined in the Strategy.

“This includes a greater focus on integrated land use planning at the jurisdictional level to achieve better planning outcomes for freight and adequate recognition of the social and economic benefits of rail,” he said.

Mr Broad noted that the Inquiry into the National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities Final Report also recommended linking all new infrastructure funding and agreements, like the National Partnership Agreement on Land Transport Infrastructure, to achieving freight outcomes in planning and decision making at all levels of government.

The expert panel’s recommendation, combined with the release of Infrastructure Australia’s report, provide further evidence of widespread industry support for linking additional infrastructure funding to the delivery of reform outcomes.

“The ARA believes the Australian Government should embrace this approach in the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy as a general principle to drive much needed microeconomic reforms of the transport sector,” Mr Broad concluded.